When it works well, marriage and family life is fantastic. But what happens when marriage goes awry? What happens when nice people turn into warring couples?

What happens when people feel so angry and betrayed, that winning becomes more important than anything else?

Parents and children going through divorce are at risk. From my point of view as a child psychiatrist, divorce is a public health issue.

What happens if you are driving, you hit a patch of ice, and go into a skid? If you haven’t been trained, you could make the mistake of turning away from the skid, and sending your car, and passengers, into a spin.

Just like with driving, if you are trained in handling a divorce, you can prevent mistakes before you make them. If you have the right tools, you can get through divorce more safely. Managing a divorce requires intelligence, discipline and knowledge.


  • Divorce is a public health issue
  • You can prevent mistakes
  • With training, you can get through divorce more safely